• Timing parabolic
    Timing parabolic Dunlop Rubber Chain timing belts parabolic profile deliver positive, trouble free power transmissions in torque ranges previously serviced only by chain or gear components
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  • Classical V-belt
    Classical V-belt Classical V-belts remain the most widely used and are proven to offer dependable service with minimum maintenance in a variety of medium and heavy duty industrial drives.
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  • Raw Edge Cogged
    Raw Edge Cogged Save costs on drive design. Specially treated low-stretch, high-strength polyester cords provide great resistance to bending fatigue and ensure the stability of belt length
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  • Double sided
    Double sided The double sided timing belts are used in reversing and serpentine applications where a synchronization from both sides of the belt is required
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  • Classical V-belts The most widely used
  • Wedge V-belts More compact drive design
  • Double V-belts Drive on both sides of the section
  • Banded V-Belts For heavy-duty applications
  • Raw Edge Cogged V-Belts Enable the use of smaller pulley
  • Ribbed Belts For high speed and drive ratio
  • Timing Belts Imperial Pitch For synchronous drives
  • Timing Belts Parabolic Profile Trouble free power transmission
  • Double Sided Timing Belts For use on serpentine drives